"Grace took on the difficult challenge of decorating our renovated mill space and managed to exceed our expectations in all areas. The space is now warm and comfortable but with a unique look that maintains the integrity of the building and it’s history. She came up with creative and unusual solutions for some tricky issues such as a freight elevator in middle of our space. She created a large wall mural in the waiting room that seamlessly ties the outside view to the inside decoration. She worked tirelessly to meet all deadlines and to make sure we got the best value available for money spent.

We have received nothing but compliments on our new office and its wonderful designer.”
- Maureen P.

"Grace was the interior designer who we consulted to remodel our master bathroom and change the paint of the interior of the house. Her enthusiastic and passionate approach to the project instantly drew me to her. It was immediately apparent that her heart and soul was into her project. She always went beyond expected to satisfy the individual family needs. She made certain that my husband and I were equally happy prior to proceeding to the next step. Grace always sensed when I was not fully excited about a color choice. Without me telling her she would come up with several additional options until she made sure that were fully happy. What distinguished Grace from other interior designers I have worked with is her positive and energetic attitude. Her patience, work ethics, reliability and dedication make her an exceptional interior designer. She truly brings joy and unity to the entire family and makes the journey of remodeling a fun and exciting one. I highly recommend her and feel very honored to have had the wonderful opportunity to work with her."
- Nadine-North Andover